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This is what men notice first when they meet a woman

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Human beings are visual beings. It is only natural to notice some outstanding physical appearances of people we meet. That is how then we describe them henceforth. With what stood out in their physical appearance.  Now, when men meet a woman they like for the first time, they are bound to notice some key things. They just can’t help it.

Here are some of the things they notice:

  • The height

Let’s face it. Majority men feel intimated by women who are taller than themselves. Therefore, they will always notice the height of a woman they think has the potential of working out something with. This however doesn’t mean that all men are freaked by tall women. It depends with the taste.

  • The smile

A beautiful smile from a woman is almost irresistible by any man. Ladies who flash smiles are deemed warm and approachable. Such a thing keeps a man at ease and they are most probably going to be able to strike a conversation with the lady. Studies reveal that a smile stimulates more positive reaction.

  • The eyes

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. I wouldn’t agree more. By looking at the eyes of a person, you can tell a lot about them. Are they genuine, are they warm, are they welcoming, are they cold? Eyes are a magnet that can attract the interest of a stranger. Most men notice a woman’s eyes first before anything else.

  • The bust

This goes without saying. A man’s eyes will always wander to a woman’s chest no matter how hard they try to avoid it. Breasts are viewed as a sign of youthfulness and fertility. However, boos are not the first thing a man notices in a woman. Breasts come after the eyes and smile.

  • The dressing

Strange as it may sound, men notice a woman’s dressing style. This does not mean that they take into account the colors but rather, what your fashion sense it. Numerous times we have had you are what you wear and people will address you by the way you dress.

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