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This is what could be destroying your relationship without you knowing

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For a relationship to last it needs a couple to love each other at all times, never give up no matter the challenges they face and spend more time together for beautiful memories. Despite that, there are small mistakes that you could be making unconsciously in your relationship.

 These are some of the habits that could ruin your relationship:

  • Breaking promises and telling lies- There is nothing annoying like unfulfilled promises. When it comes to relationships, there are all sorts of promises that are brought up by the couple. For instance, I promise to never leave you, I promise to get home early for our date night, I promise to drop the kids for their holiday camp and the list is endless. If you had made plans to see your man/woman for a late night date, go and don’t lie! Lying and breaking promises could lead to trust issues.
  • Misplaced priorities- As you pursue your career and passions the relationship needs to be put into consideration too. At times it is not easy to juggle since here are deadlines to beat and work-related pressure. For a couple to keep the fire burning in the relationship, they need to set their priorities right and learn how to balance.

  • Texting too much instead of calling- Communication is one of the major things that lead to a successful relationship. It keeps the relationship going when you are not able to see each other. Some couples text too much and forget calling their loved ones. Calling and hearing your lover’s voice is a turn on and will make you feel some type of way. When you focus on texting only, it won’t really give that touch of communication like calling.
  • Ignoring the intimate life- Intimacy is another key area for every relationship and if there is no intimacy it may lead to disconnection. Couples should have real conversations about their intimacy so as to be on the same page, know what the desires/fantasies and the right time to engage sexually. Never ignore your partner’s sexual needs for it could break your relationship.

  • Self-doubt and low self-esteem- This could easily break your relationship once the thoughts of self-doubt arise. Those that are asking and thinking,’ Am I good enough for him/her?’, ‘Am I happy with him?’, ‘Is there a future?’ and many more. Something is not right somewhere in the relationship. When it comes to this talk with your partner about how you feel to destroy those negative thoughts.


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