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5 things every woman should do after intimacy

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Having a good sex life does not begin and end with an orgasm. Hygiene plays a huge role hence the importance of incorporating some post-romp routine to ensure your vagina is healthy.

Your vagina is a healthy breeding ground for bacteria since it is moist and warm. Penetrative sex can bring a host of bacteria which your vagina can have a hard time wading off. While all you want to do after an awesome round is lie back and relish the moment, staying in bed could be harmful.

A trip to the toilet to pee is a great place to start flush out these bacteria but it is not enough. To avoid contracting Urinary tract infection and other problems, here are five things you should always consider doing after sex:

  • Take a bath

To reduce the risk of infection, soak yourself in a bathtub and add extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil to the water. The oils will help hydrate the outer skin of your vagina and sooth any vaginal swelling or irritation that occurs after sex.

  • Drink a glass of water

Sex is a rigorous activity which consumes a lot of energy and can leave you dehydrated. If your mouth and vagina get dry during sex or after, it is a sign you need to refuel. Take a glass or two of water which will help you pee quickly and flush out bacteria.

  • Give it a wipe

If taking a shower or bath feels like a daunting task, use a warm cloth with non-fragrant soap to gently wipe. Note that the vagina has its own internal wash cycle that keeps it clean and balanced, therefore, do not douche. This is especially important for those women who use lubricants which increase risks of infection.

  • Go Bare

Once the deed is done get rid of the lingerie and give your body parts time to breathe. If you really have to wear something, go for cotton underwear and loose-fitting pajamas to keep your vagina dry and air circulation. Nonbreathable fabrics like nylon and polyester which most lingerie is made of allow germs to grow fast.

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  • Eat probiotic-rich food

Sleeping or eating junk food comes naturally after a good session in the sheets but that should not be so. It is important to eat afterward to replenish good bacteria decreasing the risk of yeast infections. Snack on fermented foods which come packed with good bacteria such as yogurt.


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