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Why you should boot disposable diapers with immediate effect


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  • Before the relatively new invention of disposable diapers in the 30’s, babies wore cotton or terrycloth napkins that were fastened with safety pins.
  • Did it work? It involved a lot of washing but it did serve the purpose. After Pampers hit the market in the 60’s their marketing gimmicks were on full throttle and they took hold of mothers who were looking for convenience and ease of use.

Fast forward diapers are a must have for every mother thanks to societal pressure who believe you should only use disposable diapers. But is it really necessary? No.

There are compelling reasons you should reconsider your next diaper purchase and use. Here are five reasons why should consider booting them altogether.

  1. No list of ingredients

Truth is no study has been done to ascertain whether materials used to make diapers are safe. This considering your baby will wear them for two years or more while touching their sensitive private parts makes it an unsettling thought. Unlike other baby products that require disclosure of materials and ingredients, diaper manufacturers are not required to do so.

  1. Contains toxic materials

Independent studies have proven the presence of dubious materials that may pose a danger to your baby. For instance, the synthetic dyes used to colour diapers, draw cute cartoons or as a wetness indicator have been found to cause diaper rash. The wood pulp used in the making of the middle absorbent centre is bleached with chlorine a process that contaminates the end products with dioxins. Dioxin is toxic and carcinogenic.

  1. Expensive

What goes in must come out. Younger babies will require more diaper change leading to an average of eight diapers a day. Do the math and determine whether it is economical and really necessary.

  1. Chemicals from diapers leach into the surroundings

Thanks to the synthetic substances found in diapers, these find their way back to the environment leaching into the soil and water. Of those highly toxic chemicals is tributyltin an endocrine disruptor that is extremely harmful to aquatic organisms. On top of being resistant to degradation disposable diapers are filled with babies faeces which transmit pathogens.

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  1. Generate waste

If you calculate how much diapers an average baby uses a day for a couple of years, one can only imagine the amount of waste produced. It is estimated that a single child on average will use 7,000 diapers resulting in more than two tons of waste. Unlike other waste products that can be recycled, diapers cannot.


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