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I didn’t watch the expose, still haven’t: Betty Bayo on the Kanyari saga and why she stayed put for a while

Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo is known to many as a popular Kenyan gospel artist with hits like Highway and 11th Hour to her name. Well, an ugly event in her marriage life almost turned that upside down as she got to learn that she had not married the right person.

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The beautiful singer found herself in the middle of a storm that surrounded her estranged husband Pastor Victor Kanyari.

KTN’s Jicho Pevu did an expose on the pastor where it emerged that he was allegedly scamming the faithful.

The debacle threatened her bright gospel career and it took the support of her fellow artists and her fans to remain steadfast in the gospel ministry and maintain her name.

Pastor Victor Kanyari

Commenting on the documentary, Betty said that she did not get to watch it as they had a power blackout at the time it was airing. Interestingly, she admits she has never bothered to watch it to date as everyone already told her about it.

Despite not being in the limelight since the ordeal, the mother of two admits that despite the scandal shaking her life, it brought her closer to fellow musicians, something she did not have prior the saga.

She maintains that her personal feelings about him and their relationship remain her issues and their children are not to be affected by that. Betty had two children with Kanyari, aged two and five.

According to the gospel singer, she could not leave the embattled ‘man of God’ immediately as she did not want to dump her in his needy vulnerable state.

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“I did not leave him immediately. It didn’t feel right to me to leave him in the mess. So I held on a little longer. And I had to forgive him. When I saw he was stable enough, I decided to leave. He had changed and become a better person but in my heart nothing would stop me from leaving.” Betty admitted during an interview with Sunday Magazine.

However, Betty, did confirm that she is seeing someone and that she is happy and wiser now.

“I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single.”


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