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Seven struggles that only women will understand

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  • You definitely have to be a woman to understand a woman.
  • There are some exclusive hustles and struggles that only women will know or relate to.


  1. Chipped nail polish.

This one right here hurts like hell. You sit patiently for over 30 minutes waiting for the polish to dry, then an hour later it gets ruined!!! It’s not that we love walking around with chipped polish. Sometimes we are just ‘punishing’ our finger/toenails for being in the wrong places(where they got chipped)…. So we think.

  1. Picking an outfit

Women go through this every morning. Peep out through the window to see how the weather is gonna be. You gladly pick an outfit that matches the occasion and the weather. You put it on and 5 minutes later, you look into the mirror and you look fat!! It must be the outfit. You remove it and start looking for one that will make you look slender. The struggle never ends.

  1. Painful shoes

Every woman is guilty of this. At least ones in woman’s life, she must have squeezed her feet into a painful pair of shoes just to match her outfit and slay. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it so long as you don’t end up wobbling around.

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  1. Shaving

While trimming the pubic hair down there yourself. You will always end up with small multiple cuts and worse still, you are bound to miss the underside of your thighs. It really demoralizes.

  1. Tight jeans

Oh yeah!! Every woman looks fabulous in her skin-tight jeans. But the struggle of getting it past her hips and hips and butt… only she knows!! Squeezing into a pair of tight jeans is a task. The moves and styles!!...You end up looking like you are in a gymnastic class.

  1. Bras

Having a bra to push up your bust is good. Gives you confidence. But the joy, the relief is in getting off your bra after a long day. Freeing your bust from the bra is just a heavenly feeling.


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  1.  Sucking in the tummy.

This applies to women who feel or know that they have a pot belly. They have mastered the art of sucking in their tummies while keeping their faces and shoulders relaxed for pictures.

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