This is the celebrity couple that stayed celibate for two and a half years until their wedding night : Evewoman - The Standard


Singer Cece Sagini and Photographer Victor Peace share why they decided to wait till marriage

There are very few couples who wait till marriage, Cece Sagini and Victor Peace are among the few. They shared their celibacy story on the vlog ‘meet the peaces’. Cece Sagini is the popular female artist that was featured in Jimmy Gait’s song while Victor is a photographer popularly known to be ThisisEss’s photographer. Wow! This was really bold of them to share how they waited for two years. Like let’s be realistic here the current generation and century we are in, couples are not waiting till marriage. They prefer testing the car before they say I do on the altars and they welcome a child out of wedlock. Nowadays, it’s like everyone is living by their own rules; they can sleep with whoever they want and whatever time.

The songbird who changed from secular to gospel music opened up that she had engaged in sex before and since then she vowed that she would not get herself in that position because it brought by an attachment that is popularly known as the spiritual soul ties. Photographer Victor Peace shared that he lost is virginity in college due to peer pressure from his friends and he expressed he was in a bowl of regrets but he is happy that he changed his ways and he is enjoying what he has now.

We believe with their story it may encourage other couples to wait. What are your thoughts on waiting till marriage? Would you wait?


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