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Baby cries communicate a lot, watch out for your baby

There is nothing horrific than hearing your baby crying, it’s quite disturbing as a mother.  For the first time mothers, it may be challenging to know what really is the problem but you don’t need to worry, we got you.

These could mean they are:

  • They are overwhelmed-  this happens when they are maybe playing with their toys and they start settling somewhere in the house and they can fall asleep or start crying.
  • They are hungry- when they do not have anything to eat, trust that cry is normally quite high and anytime you carry them, they already are grasping on your boobies.

  • They are frightened- babies are normally scared of different things and when they are, try and soothe them and avoid revealing what made them scream. They could be afraid of new surroundings and people.

  • They are seeking attention- babies love attention especially if they are like twins. The mother is seen carrying another baby and the other is silent, they will feel jealous and they begin crying.

  • They could be feeling pain in their body- always learn to observe your baby at all times especially when he or she is reacting differently with their bodies. They could be communicating they are sick.

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