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Is intimacy dead in your marriage?Here's how to bring it back

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Being married or in a relationship for a while and having children can make your romance life to deteriorate due to different schedules, taking care of children among other things. Before you know it you are getting onto each other’s nerves and if you could, you would trade places with your single friends.

 Too bad, the grass is never greener on the other side. And before you start coveting another man’s or woman’s grass, cultivate yours.

What can you do to revive your relationship? Here are 8 ways you can bring some romance back into your dead marriage

  1. Enjoy the details

Calling your spouse at work just to say hello and taking a few moments in the evening to recap the day's events will make the bond stronger. Plus it also shows you are concerned and care about their feelings and wellbeing.

  1. Talk it out

Instead of giving him or her the silent treatment leaving them in the darkness, dealing with your issues will lessen any strain or stress and open up the lines of communication. This will help deal with issues and ways of avoiding them.

  1.  Touch

Touch is a love language. Physical contact like kissing, hugging or holding hands is a simple way to show the other person how you feel. This helps bring back the spark in your marriage.

  1. Go out on a date

Something simple like lunch or even a night out is a great way to reconnect with your partner. If you can ritualize date nights, you'll always have something to look forward to and get excited about.

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  1. Be kind

Other than treating each other well, compliments work like magic. A compliment goes a long way to making someone feel special and important in your life. Small gestures of appreciation like a simple thank you sends a message not only of appreciation but also of respect and commitment that you are in this together.

  1. Get physical

Sex strengthens the bond and it helps maintain and build up a relationship. If you’re tired of the same routine spice it up with some lingerie, new sex styles or even sexting.

  1. Surprise each other

Everyone loves being surprised because it shows you are thinking about them. Receiving something unexpectedly is always exciting and brings a smile to both partner’s faces.

  1. Share an activity

Pick something you will both enjoy and do it. Whether it is travelling or hitting the gym together for example, this will help you spend time together and encourage some passion and bonding time.


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