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Ladies,here are some signs that your man might be violent

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1.He dislikes kids and animals: If your man dislikes the company of kids and animals and treats them in an insensitive way, then watch out! If a man tends to beats children mercilessly and enjoys scaring them off, then you should be worried.

2.Verbal abuse: If a man uses curse words on you and puts you down because he believes that you will forgive him after an apology, you should start worrying.


3.His past: If you find out that he was violent in his past relationship, then that’s a sign that he will end up abusing you. If you also see your man violating a woman in public, it means that you are next in line.

4.Threats: If your man makes threats such as “I’ll beat you up!” then that’s an obvious sign he is violent. If he threatens you every time you have an argument, eventually he will lay hands on you.


5.Male chauvinist: The man is perceived as the “head” of the household while the woman is viewed as the “neck”. However, there are instances when things are taken too far. In a relationship, both parties should feel that they have freedom and a sense of individuality. If a man believes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, is a sex object, or believes that women should not drive, it could point to underlying destructive patriarchal beliefs. This kind of relationship will destroy your esteem and self-worth.

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