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Asian style sticky honey soy chicken wings

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What you’ll need:

1 dozen chicken wings, cut into drumettes and wingettes 

Juice of 2 lime 

2 tablespoons Soy sauce

4 tablespoons Honey

½ teaspoon Garlic, minced

½ teaspoon Ginger, minced

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¼ teaspoon Sesame oil

1 teaspoon cornstarch

2 teaspoon white vinegar 

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons oil for frying 

Sesame seeds

What to do:

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Season the wings with salt pepper and lime juice. Pan fry over medium heat until cooked and browned on both sides.

In a sauce pan, over medium heat combine soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger and sesame oil, and bring them to a boil. ?Make a thin paste with the cornstarch and vinegar and then add it to the sauce when it boils.

Toss in the cooked chicken wings and cook until the sauce coats the chicken wings and becomes thick.

Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and enjoy.?


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