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Marrying this man is marital suicide

Their security and ability to help their young wives build their careers has also been highlighted.

It has been argued beyond reasonable doubt that marrying an old man is a highway to marital happiness. Old men, otherwise called daddy by women with daddy issues, are said to be very mature, experienced and stress free compared to young men.

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 Their security and ability to help their young wives build their careers has also been highlighted.

The truth that one will live a boring life when married to an old man has been ignored. The old man can follow his young wife to the bar, but can he dance? Can he make merry and drink himself silly? While these are not the true measures of happiness, they are what makes life bearable.

Staying in the house watching television or the many walls of the old man’s mansion is not happiness. It is as boring as the lives of caged animals in our zoos.

When it comes to bedroom matters, the old husband will be greatly challenged. While he may be very experienced and knows the body of a woman like the inside of his Mercedes Benz, he will do very little.

His spirit will be willing to arouse his young wife but the body will be so weak courtesy of old age. In most cases, the young wife will pull the biblical Potiphar’s wife move. That is one among the many ways one dies in matters marital.

Having a child in old age is uncertain. One Mugabe was lucky to walk his daughter down the aisle. The same is not assured when one is married to an ordinary old man. He may not afford the world class medical care. Family time will involve many visits to his doctor, quarrelling with his equally old wife, mafisi sons and old girls. Before a young woman knows it, she is exhausted.

Having family friends and best couples whom you can look up to is almost impossible. The young couples won’t have anything to say to you people. When they go for marital counselling and church sessions, you won’t fit in.

Most old husbands are as rigid as the word of a seasoned dictator. It will be impossible to advise them on anything. All a wife does is just sit there and be seen. Ooh! What an annoying way to live.

In the unfortunate eventuality that you have a disagreement with your old husband, you need to walk on egg shells. It is wise not to speak your mind and be confrontational. The poor man may be suffering from many lifestyle diseases and can drop dead.

On the other hand, a young man can be handled heads on with no gloves at all. We all know that when a young woman is nagging, she will eventually be blamed for taking the old man to the grave sooner than he was scheduled to kick the bucket.

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