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Female habits that men find irresistible

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For the longest time, it has been predetermined that men are only attracted to a woman’s physical beauty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fact is, there are numerous things that men value above appearance. It is even more shocking to find that, unlike the notion most of us have, most of the female habits that drive men crazy are non-sexual.

We sample a few:


Holding mature conversations: The idea of holding a mature and engaging conversation with a man wins you points. Men love to be with women who can comfortably understand and contribute to mature topics.

Humourous: As much as they enjoy mature conversations, you cannot always talk of intelligent topics. Life is too short to always serious. Having a sense of humour goes a long way. However, it is not about joking all the time lest they stop taking you seriously.

Burying/Resting your head on his chest: This a sure way of driving a man crazy. This makes a man feel like a real man who gives his girl a sense of security.

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Compliments: As much as they don’t show it, men appreciate compliments. I mean, who doesn’t like being appreciated?  By commenting on how they do something’s so well is huge for men. Especially if you compliment them in public.

Listening:  If you listen to a man attentively when they are looking for someone to talk to, you definitely score high. When given an attentive ear, men always feel loved and appreciated, they feel that all the attention is given to them.

Check up on him: Do not always wait for him to make the call first or send the message first. Check on them randomly. That makes him know you are thinking about him even when engaged in other things. He will definitely reciprocate.

Smooth and gentle touch:  When you give random gentle touches on a man, they feel good. If especially they are unwell or offended and you just casually touch them, this is a sure way of making him happy and driving him crazy.

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