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7 things you should never try during sex


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  • Most couples love to explore when it comes to sex but there are things that partners should not attempt during sex.
  • Partners are urged to be careful during sex to avoid hurting themselves.


1. Refrain using your fingers- sex is about exploration and satisfying your partner to the peak, but take it from me never use your fingers.You can injure your partner with your long nails.

2. Stop going down on your partner- going down on your partner is a no-no.This is because one might have throat sores, tongue sores, or bleeding gums that might lead to serious infections.

3. Avoid kamasutra styles- forgo the kamasutra styles you see in movies no matter how much you want to spice your game. These styles come with their own disappointments.

4. Do not use other objects to give your partner pleasure- never use objects on your partner during sex, you do not want to be reported for sexual assault.

5. Never reuse a condom- read the instructions before using a condom and please use one condom at a time and never reuse one.

6. Do not use lotions as lubricant since they contain chemical compounds- more people have lubrication issues, if you do not have the KY gel do not substitute it with lotion. Lotion contain compounds that can cause harm to both of you.

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7. Never have sex with your partner if he/she is sick- sex is good and enjoyable when both of you are physically and mentally fit.

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