Evewoman : Why men who dress in pink should be ashamed of themselves

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Why men who dress in pink should be ashamed of themselves

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Fashionistas would have us believe you can tell a lot about a person from the colour of their shirt. But can you tell how much they earn, or how well educated they are...or whether they’re likely to have a sneaky office romance?

A study claims to have discovered that men who wear pink shirts tend to earn more, are better qualified, more confident and get a greater number of compliments from female colleagues than their more traditionally shirted colleagues.

For me this is all brouhaha. I have several pink shirts and almost all my friends earn more than me – by a mile. Similarly, in modern reality, my well-to-do friends get more compliments from women, the moment their affluence is decoded.

But this is not the point; the crux of the matter is, we worryingly have a sharp increase in ‘pink’ men. Now, these are not men who have a shirt or two of bright pink. No! Pink men are a new genre of men who are so soft and sissy that their sexual orientation is not clear, leaving lots of things to conjecture.

Men should not jump into the deep end of the so-called modern fashion sense. A man worth his salt should dress like lawyers. Well...not the cost part but the colour aspect. Lawyers dress in dark power suits, as they know that impression management matters.

When they come dressed in black suits, that sort of elicits respect and reference. If you are on death row, do you think the judge will pay close attention to a male lawyer in a pink suit and funny hairstyles?

Christmas tree

Boss, if you are on death row and your lawyer comes looking like a Christmas tree for the court session, just declare your will and make peace with your maker. Besides, the choice of colour on their clothes, another worrisome trend with these pink men is the fit of their clothes. Some wear very tight trousers that you would imagine they have a big disagreement or beef with the textile industry.

If a man wears a pair of jeans that is so tight such that, his family jewels can hardly breathe, perhaps he does not need them! This invariably takes us back to our initiation suspicion and conjecture.

If you are the kind of man, even if you are in college and you walk the streets giggling with girls like the sparrow birds, shame on you. Our independence was fought hard and blood was shed to liberate us from the imperialists and this is not the kind of vision that Kimathi Wa Wachiuri had in mind when he led a battalion of tough warriors out of Tetu village into the neighbouring Aberdare Forest.

The other kind of ‘pink’ men are those that have succumbed to feminine power. They have simply let down their forefathers in a bad way and allowed themselves to be a plaything to be toyed around by the women in their lives. I have witnessed men in restaurants or supermarket aisles take instructions from their partners in a revered manner, you would think, the instructor has the power of life and death over them. As a man, there comes a time when you must hold the bull by the nuts or the horns, whichever you fancy, and put your foot down.

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