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Pricking condoms: ways women use to blackmail male lovers

Lady Speak

While men in the past had to get married in the name of getting a hot home cooked meal or a nice clean house, the modern man has no such burdens. Men these days can have their cake and eat it too. This has forced women to invent new ways to either get them to stay or compensate for the time spent together.

Women, in general, tend to get more emotionally involved than men do when they have sex with someone, so it is natural to want to protect that emotional investment by being in a committed relationship. Although majority of women who try to pressure a man into marriage are thinking of the material benefits they might get when they divorce some do not think of divorce as an option thus coming up with even more shocking as seen in various examples below.

Accusing a man for fake domestic violence

There are several cases of women who were upset that their relationships or marriages were over, and to seek revenge they called the police and accused their ex-partners of assaulting them. In 2011 Nigeria's Ambassador to Kenya, Dr. Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe was recalled after his wife Tess Wigwe accused him of beating her to a point of bleeding. Their son Nelson Wigwe, however accused his mother of blackmailing his father whenever they had a dispute.

Nelson released a statement on a popular Nigerian website, igbofocus.co.uk saying:

"First of all let me say how angry, sad and disappointed I am at the public who have already ridiculed my father H.E Dr Chijioke W Wigwe without hearing all the facts. Without talking to the people who were there, without talking to the people who know him best. Without talking to the people who know H.E Tess Wigwe and know exactly what she is capable of? For days, I have been holding back information because my mother H.E Tess Wigwe is the woman who bore me, the woman who raised me, and she is the woman who has provided for me my whole life. But with that said I cannot sit back and allow her to ruin my father's life and disgrace Nigeria like this," read part of his statement.

"As she waited outside for her friend to arrive, my mother was shouting wild accusations at the top her voice. "Your father sleeps around with women; your father is an evil man" My father was furious with these accusations and unlocked the door to confront my mother but I held him back. My mother continued to disgrace herself by shouting " Chijioke Wigwe you are not fit to be Ambassador, you are a coward, your mother is a whore, I will finish you here in Kenya, mark my words," Nelson wrote.

 Poking holes in condoms and skipping the pill

Some women poke a hole through condom wrappers using a sewing needle in order to get pregnant.

So when they say condoms are not 100% effective, it might be that a woman might have poked a hole in it. So guys be sure to bring your own condoms when you are about to have sex with a woman, because you never know. Just recently, in a popular woman only Facebook group, a woman confessed keeping a condom with a man's sperm in it, and tried the at-home insemination but failed to get pregnant. She poked holes on the rubber during their next intercourse and voila! "I'm now enjoying the benefits of having a child with my millionaire sponsor. We moved from South C and now live in Karen. I even have a driver. Ladies, you need to open your eyes and take what is yours whichever way you can!" the woman wrote on the Facebook page

 Extorting money for abortions

In countries where you have to pay for abortions, some women have claimed to have gotten pregnant and extorted money from the supposed father to pay for the abortion. But the reality was that the woman was not even pregnant! These women faked a pregnancy by showing the father a positive home pregnancy test (they got these tests from women who were actually pregnant) and then asked for the money for the abortion.

A popular lawyer is currently in court with a woman he allegedly gave money to abort but still went ahead to give birth. The lawyer has been paying child support until he suspected that the child was not his as she resembled someone else.

4. Recording video's

In 2014 a man accused a popular news anchor of blackmailing him after she took him to her house in a posh neighborhood and recorded a video of them in the act together.

Initially when he followed the TV girl to her house, he assumed that it was just another independent woman who prefers taking a man to her house to avoid the walk of shame the next morning.

"She asked me to send sh 100,000 threatening to release the video if I did not comply," the man, who had to send the money to avoid shame, confided in us.


Some women find reasonable to voice a threat of suicide in a situation of being rejected by someone they love. Without that particular partner whom they love, their lives are meaningless. They think that if only they could make it clear to that other person just how strongly they feel, he, or she, will necessarily come around. Because there is no other alternative. There is no other way of being except as a lover to that person. Stalkers express feelings that are similar.

Arjun Shah recalls a situation that saw him leave the country to get shake off such a partner. Arjun was was dating a Luhya girl that his family did not approve of. Not that he really fancied her to a point of marrying her but any attempt to get rid of her led to the suicide talk.

"I had to open up to my family and they advised me to secretly fly out to UK. I hear she looked for me but at least she did not threaten my family with suicide," Arjun shared.

He came back the country after 5 years and met the lady once. She has moved on and is married with two children.


There are women who will do anything to keep a man including jeopardizing their children's inheritance.

Justus Kinoti watched in shock as his cousin's matatu's were repossessed by his employer.

His cousin's wife, after a disagreement, walked into his employer's office in industrial area and told him that the husband was stealing from the company. "She had been threatening to expose her husbands' source of wealth every time they fought. We just never thought that she would make her threat real," Justus told the us.


In some communities going under the knife is such a big deal. Why else do you think some touts have been undressed and circumcised in public?

Not unless you come from Nyanza please don't get violent with your wife because she will embarrass you.

Just earlier this week a woman in Vihiga exposed her husband after he beat her up. The middle aged woman not only exposed him to his peers but went ahead and gave voice bites to the media.


Some women are very cunning. They know that apart from the stomach, the only other way to man's heart is through his family and friends.

Amos Odupoi, a 35 year old senior bachelor recalls having a hard time shaking off such a woman.

"I would be in the city minding my business and then I would see her posting photos with my sister on social media. She did not really declare her intentions but everyone encouraged me to marry her," Amos who finally escaped that net when the clingy lady left for Australia, told us.

10. Business deals and wealth

There is nothing as intimidating for a man as a woman who earns more than he does. She will always have her man wrapped around her finger.

Kiptoo Maritim found himself in such a situation a while back when took his Ndogo Ndogo to a members club where he and his wife frequented. When his wife got wind of this she threatened to report him to her father and cut him off the wealth and other privileges he enjoyed from their marriage since she came from a wealthy family.

"He father is my mentor and actually my current employer. Every time we have a disagreement she must remind me

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