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Ladies, here’s how to leave him begging for more

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It is totally normal for sex to become routine and a little predictable after being together for a while. You find yourselves doing the same things and the same tired positions night after night and it can get a bit boring. When you have reached this point, it is up to the woman to find new ways to turn her partner on. When most people hear of the word seduction, they imagine a lot of touching and caressing, but did you know that physical foreplay isn’t the only way to get his blood flowing? You can get him all hot and bothered without making skin-on-skin contact required! Here are five surefire ways to reignite things in the bedroom without actually touching him. ?

Show some skin!

Women tend to stop putting in effort into their looks after a while. They get comfortable in the relationship and stop dressing up for their men. If you have a habit of dressing ‘comfortably’, your man will be pleasantly surprised and completely riled up if you whip out that sexy mini-dress with the plunging neckline. Without saying anything, wear something shorter or something tighter and watch his imagination run wild. Also, try wearing a see-through top. Anything see-through drives men crazy. After picking your outfit, accentuate your legs with a pair of stiletto heels and I guarantee he won’t be able to stop himself from getting aroused around you!

Send a naughty text

Another guaranteed way to turn him on without feeling him up is to get your sext on! Whether you have been together for a while or it is a new relationship, sending naughty, flirty messages is a great way to spice things up and keep them fresh. Again, the more unexpected it is, the greater the impact it will leave. One dirty text will have him raring to go by the time you finally meet him! So, the next time you want to get some, shoot him a dirty text while he is at work instead of waiting for him to get home so you can turn him on.

Touch yourself instead

While cosying up on the couch with your significant other and you get the urge to get it on, instead of touching him, touch yourself. It is a common fantasy for men everywhere. Not only is he getting turned on from watching you pleasure yourself, but you are reaping the benefits too. It is a win-win. He won’t be able to keep his hands off you after that.

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Talk dirty to him in an environment where sex isn’t possible

Talking dirty may be one of the best ways to turn a man on without any physical contact involved. Erotic communication increases sexual arousal. Don’t wait until you are in the bedroom to try it out. Get him in the mood with some dirty talk when you’re at dinner or at a party. Be vocal with what you want. The kinkier the better. Be explicit and watch him go crazy.

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