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Hair care tips for hijabis


Hijabis have hair and even though it is protected from natural elements like wind, dust, sunlight and rain etc., they still need to take care of the hair. More often than not, they forget because it's out of sight, thus out of mind, after all, no one will see it.

When hair is consistently covered, it becomes dull and limp – it also loses shine and volume with time. Here are tips to ensure optimal health for your hair when wearing a hijab:

Only tie dry hair:

Never tie up your wet hair under your hijabs even if you are in a hurry. This damages the roots of the hair since it doesn't get to dry naturally and stays tied up for hours. The hair also dries flat against the scalp and when you remove your hijab, the hair is flat and limp. Plan your hair time well so that when you wash it, there is enough time for it to dry before wearing your hijab. If you are in so much hurry, then blow dry it sparingly.

Give hair some sunlight:

Hijabis hair is covered much of the day and as such, it doesn't get much sunlight. If possible, find time and sit outside your backyard under the sun with your hijab on or if you have some privacy, remove it, for at least 30 minutes every week. Sunlight offers the hair and slap the much-needed Vitamin D for healthy hair. When washing the hair, use a shampoo suitable for your hair type and oil it at least once a week.

Open it up:

You are under a hijab the whole day. When you get home from your day-long activity, take it off and run your fingers through the hair and scalp and massage it to get some circulation going. This allows the hair to breathe. Make maximum use of the hours you are home by letting your hair loose and allowing the scalp to breathe.

Wash under scarves regularly: It is important to wash the scarf that is under the hijab regularly. Dandruff and dust are likely to build up in them over time so you must keep them clean. If the under scarf is dirty, it may damage your hair. Have two or three so you can that you can be switching between them.

Regular cut:

Trimming your hair every four to six weeks will help get rid of split ends. Much as no one else gets to see your hair, cut it regularly to keep it growing healthy.

Tie it loose:

Avoid tying your hair back too tightly so that you don't strain the hair roots from constant pulling to the back. Hair strands will get weaken if they are pulled tightly, which can lead to hair fall. Go for a loose ponytail or a bun under hijab. Important too, is that you should always change your hair partition from time to time to prevent your hairline from thinning and falling.

Hijabi fabric:

As much as possible, use skin-friendly fabric for your hijab - one that allows air to cross through. Cotton hijab with a lace under scarf is ideal as it will allow air to get to your scalp and hair. If your hijab is nylon or polyester, wear a bandana underneath to protect your hair and scalp.

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