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Kenya’s first first lady- Mama Ngina Kenyatta


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Kenya's first first lady! At 84 it is impossible to believe that Mama Ngina Kenyatta is actually that old. Described as a glamorous first lady, Mama Ngina is the description of a woman whose beauty defies her age. Defined by her signature head wrap and elegance, Mama Ngina Kenyatta is also one lucky woman who married a president and whose son also became president.

Born in Ngenda in Gatundu Kiambu County she was raised by her parents Chief Muhoho wa Gathecha and Anne Nyokabi Muhoho. Ngina as she was called married the first president of the republic of Kenya in 1957 when she was only eighteen years old and together they had four children. She was his fourth wife. She stood by her husband during the turbulent times that preceded Kenya gaining her independence. She was once arrested and detained at Kamiti Maximum prison for her involvement in Jomo Kenyatta. Despite her glamour and high fashion sense, her husband never allowed her to wear trousers, he preferred her to remain traditional and dress in a manner that suited her status as first lady.

Mama Ngina is a woman of few words who prefers to stay away from public limelight. She is hardly seen in public and while her second born son Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta runs the country her youngest son Muhoho runs the vast family business. She and Jomo also had two daughters Kristina Wamboi and Anna Nyokabi. She maybe out of the public eye but whenever she steps out, you still see her fashion sense and strength the two things that aptly describe this astute business woman.

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