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Make up tips for busy Mums.

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The only thing more difficult than keeping up with Kenyan politicians is trying to look glamorous on a limited time budget. That's not to say it's not possible though.
1. Use tinted moisturisers/BB creams. These combine foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen.  You can blend it in with your palms for sheer coverage and set it with powder. Total time saver.
2.Brows. Keep them clean. Wax, tweeze or thread them every time you have visible growth. This ensures your face is always framed during those random school meetings.
3. Eye drops. To understand their importance, ask a mother who has missed the school bus and had to make a school drop with red eyes.
4.Mascara. I don't know a quicker way to make your eyes seem awake.
5. Keep a nude shadow palette. Nudes are easiest to work with when in a hurry. They're mute so small mistakes don't show.
6. Keep a mini kit in the car or office. You will often find you have to do make up outside your house. This kit will come in handy.
7. Use everything waterproof.  Balancing work and home for a mother can be a tough balance. Smudging make up should be your last worry.
8. Get a make up class. Find a professional make up artist to help you sort out your kit and polish your skills to make it easier for you.
9. Use matte eyeshadow to cover gray hair. It may not be a long-term solution but it can get you through a day.
10. If you're a new mum you can switch to a baby-friendly routine. You can use baby oil as moisturiser for instance. You do not know what your baby is allergic to yet.
11. Always keep tinted lip gloss in your bag. It can brighten your face instantly and can be done on the move.

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