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Tricks women use to trap rich white men


1. Honey I'm pregnant: The woman will always say this after she has slept with the expat for a couple of weeks. Pregnancy means the expat will be forced to neither formalise their union through marriage or give her money to abort the baby. An expat who worked in the motor industry two years ago sent close to Sh100,000 to a prostitute he had befriended. The girl was 'pregnant'.

2. I had a miscarriage: Failure of baby bump means the chic will have to cook up a new excuse. A miscarriage becomes the perfect trick. It works when the girl is 'pregnant ' and the man doesn't want her to abort the baby. Of course, the expatriate will have to pay the hospital costs that come with miscarriages. This cost can run into hundreds of thousands.

3. Marry me: This the the worst con that can ever be played in an expatriate. It takes years of careful planning to date,marry and have babies with the mzungu of choice. Once the happy couple have a baby or two, the woman will.ensure the property is registered in her name. So will be the vehicles, the matrimonial home and other investments.

 In October 2015, an expatriate John Eugene Bennet cried in court when he recounted how his Kenyan wife, who works for the Central Bank had taken over all his property and then fingered him to immigration police for being in the country without a valid permit. "I have limited funds. All my accounts are in the name of my Kenyan wife — Karungari Gacoki Murigu Bennet — with whom we have a four-year-old son and an eight-month-old daughter. I married her in 2008."

Mr Bennet further told Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo that all the property he had acquired with his wife were registered in her name.

4. Be my business partner: Many expats with money to invest, will easily fall prey to women who has business plans, who only need funding. The business will be funded by the expatriate but once it is stable, the expatriate will be kicked out and the woman will then independently run the business.

5. Blackmail: Expats in high paying or sensitive jobs are easiest to blackmail

A woman will take pictures plus videos of them in compromising positions..she will then threaten to have them published in the mainstream.media or social media is she isn't paid a lump sum. Fearing societal backlash, the man will pay the money.

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