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Sweets you are avoiding me…When you impregnate the ‘wrong girl’

My Man

“At your age, how could you make such a college boy error? How?”...you ask yourself as you walk with Cindy to your house. You clearly have more than you bargained for. Not excusable at all. The situation is thick.

Disaster; Carol claims to be pregnant after a three-day vacation. Catastrophe; Cindy is behaving like you are actually dating. Calamity; You are about to break their hearts. Tragedy; May be Carol’s boyfriend genuinely loves him.

How do you reverse all this? How do you walk away from this? You have two female friends and you have impregnated the wrong one. How irresponsible can life get? Cindy is probably feeling the palpable tension and can’t hold it back...

“What is going on sweets?” Damn! Did she utter the proprietary ‘sweets’? What is the world coming to?

“I will tell you, hold on,” you tell her as you try to figure out the most politically correct way to break the news to her. You want to be straight-up and cut yourself so many problems. But you don’t want to hurt Cindy who you have helped gain her faith in humanity back.

“What is it, even Carol doesn’t to talk with me?” you ignore her and escape to the loo, to buy time. But you can only buy so much time. You text Carol that you are trying to handle Cindy, and you will sit down and find the best solution, telling her that whatever she decides on, you will support her fully.

When you get to the sitting room, you find Cindy slouched in the sofa, uncomfortably. It is like unconsciously; she has decided she is not staying. You opt to play mind games with her, as you buy time.

“Are you hungry?” you ask her.

“Actually, I am, but tell me what is going on. Both of you are avoiding me, anything I should know...”

“Fix us something and we will talk, we have a whole night ahead of us, we will talk, nothing to worry about,” she leaves for the kitchen, totally unsure of the outcome of this evening.

“Why me?” you ask yourself. Marriage is not part of your plans, not in the next two or three years. And certainly, not with Carol. Nor Cindy. This was supposed to be a phase. A stage, not a place, to be stuck. But a pregnancy changes the game drastically. This was supposed to be a short vacation to ward off the profound lust between an eligible bachelor, and a lovelorn beautiful neighbour.

And here is Cindy in a clearly undefined situation with you, but being carelessly optimistic that she can tie you down. You really symphathise with her. And her situation. She is dressed in a provocative short floral dress. It is a bait. And all her hopes are about to be crushed. May be. Late 20s and early 30s are tricky ages for a woman. The biological clock is ticking ever louder and the number of eligible men diminishing, going after younger women. The reason why these two women can kill to have you. You are aware of this trap. But how do you drop one of them...

Cindy fixes a quick measly meal of ugali and eggs. You eat because you have to, but she is having a nervous breakdown. May be she already knows what is going on. She barely eats, before she excuses herself and says she is going to see Carol... She doesn’t give you a chance to explain, she literally jumps out of the house.

Well, you take a deep breath, and pray that since their friendship goes way back, they can solve this one. You fall asleep on the sofa...

@nyanchwani [email protected]

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