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Multipurpose steamer

This gadget can be used for facial steaming, garment steaming as well as for fondant steaming in cake decoration. When used for facial steaming, its unique shape prevents tipping and spillage. It has a handle holding option which serves well when steaming clothes. It removes wrinkles from clothes with no need for ironing thereafter. It can also be used as an air humidifier. To use, simply fill the 200ml container with plain tap water and switch on the light. It will produce steam within two minutes. To use during fondant steaming in cake decoration, hold the steamer 30 cm away from the cake and lightly steam to remove cornflour, fingerprints and imperfections. It costs Sh3500.

Bottle feeding starter kit

This starter kit has everything a busy mother needs to start bottle feeding. The kit contains milk powder dispensers, medium flow teats, a bottle and teat brush, a set of teat tongs and a 0-3 months pure soothers. The bottles which come in 150 ml and 260 ml sizes are designed to make switching between breast and bottle feeding seamless. The set also has two sterilisers; an electric one to use at home and a travel steriliser, small enough to fit in a changing bag, ensuring you are never without a sterilised bottle. Besides busy mums, it is ideal for those who have pumped breast milk and want their baby to enjoy the milk during the day. The kit goes for Sh20,000

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