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What pimples on different parts of your face say about your health

Your face can be divided into six zones

At least 80 percent of adults suffer from breakouts at some point in their lives. Have you ever wondered why your face breaks out in random places? Some people get pimples in the same area every month, while for others, it seems random. You can better understand why you’re breaking out by using a technique known as face mapping.

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Face mapping stems from Chinese medicine and it gives one an indication of what is causing the breakouts. Educating yourself about face mapping can help you clear your skin thereby enhancing your beauty.

Your face can be divided into six zones, and each of these zones gives you insight into the state of your health.

1. Cheeks

Breakouts on this area could be a result of three things: - a dirty mobile phone - clean your phone with antiseptic wipes at least once a week. - problems with your respiratory system - this could be due to pollution, smoking, or being around second-hand smoke.

2. Forehead and nose

Breakouts on this area are usually triggered by stress, sleep problems, and digestive problems. If you’re constipated, or have indigestion, or liver problems, then you may break out in this area. Insomnia may also result in forehead breakouts. Clear your skin by learning to manage stress and by sleeping at least eight hours every night. That’s why it’s known as “beauty sleep”.

3. Jawline

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These breakouts are hormonal and usually occur just before or during your periods. Speak to your doctor about balancing your hormones.

4. Between your eyebrows

These breakouts are related to your digestive system and poor circulation. Therefore, if you’re intolerant to certain foods, this may appear as rashes or breakouts in this area. Unhealthy foods such as sweets and junk food, may also result in breakouts in this area. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, will help you to maintain clear skin.

5. Above the brow

Breakouts in this area will give you insight on your immune system. If you start breaking out in this area, it could be an indication that you’re coming down with a cold or other illness. Clear your skin by boosting your immunity.

6. Ears or close to the ears

This area is related to your kidneys, therefore, increase your water intake and avoid excessive alcohol, salt and caffeine.

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Face mapping helps you understand the causes of breakouts, however, remember that other factors such as genetics, the environment, medication, and lifestyle, may all play a role. If your breakouts persist, seek medical attention.

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