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Men like quickies- House girl confessions

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Lilian Moraa who works as a housegirl says she has worked for seven families in the last five years. She confesses that during that time, she has slept with two of her bosses. 

Her motive? Money of course!

“It’s not like I wake up and decide to sleep with the man. It’s the men who start it and many of them offer gifts and money. So, if you have financial problems, you will just let him do his thing,” she says. She complains that the problem with the men is that once you sleep with them, they expect to bed you whenever they feel like.

“If he gives you money for sex, he will expect you to sleep with him whenever he is bored, drunk or if the wife isn’t around. One even tried it when the wife was in the house!” claims Lilian.

She says that there is a misconception that house helps can’t say no to the man of the house or his male relatives.

Lilian reveals that the sex always happens in the house, not in hotel rooms.

“Maybe it’s what men like, I mean quick sex,” she says. According to her, the best employers are single mothers.

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“Married women are so difficult to deal with. But single women know they totally depend on you and will treat you so well.”

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