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Four simple ways to display art without nails

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Many a time, several art lovers have been forced to live without art. The fear of drilling holes in the landlord’s walls is real. Good news, you can now have your cake and eat it – nay, you can now have your art and flaunt it without drilling holes. Here are several creative ways to live with art in a rented house.

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Lean it on floor to wall

This works perfectly for oversized pieces of art. When art is too big it takes up an entire wall or half the wall, so the best way is to lean it on the wall. This not only solves our little drilling problems, it also centres a room in a unique dramatic way.

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Lean it furniture to wall

If you have a console table or a credenza in your hallway, behind a couch or against an entry wall you can use this as a prop for your piece of art. Place your art on the console while leaning it against a wall to create a mini tabletop gallery. You can use one large frame or mix different types and sizes of frames for this look.

Lean them on a mantel

Do you live in a building with architectural detail like a fireplace with a mantel? Make use of the mantel by leaning your piece of art on it. You can flank either side of the mantel with vases or lampshades to balance out your art.

Wall ledges

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This slightly goes against the drilling rules. Wall ledges are a sophisticated term used to refer to open shelving screwed into the wall. They are also more commonly referred to as floating shelves. They are a common in contemporary and modern design themes. The pro is that one wall ledge can carry an infinite number of frames depending on the sizes of the frames, the con is that wall ledges need to be fixed to the wall. This is an economical way to display pieces of art or pictures. Wall ledges can be installed in any part of the house or behind a couch and a bed.



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