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No more hustle, get this Baby Food Maker

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Make weaning stress-free by ensuring you know exactly what you are feeding your baby with this Baby Food Maker. It allows you to steam and blend a variety of foods including chicken, beef, pork and fish as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, carrots and sweet potato.

Steaming, rather than conventional cooking, helps to retain the foods' vital nutrients. Ingredients are steamed and blended in one bowl so both preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards are a breeze. Unlike manual mashers, this Food Maker allows you to blend food to a smooth and even consistency.

Photo: Courtesy

It allows several portions of baby food to be made at a time, and you can make several batches at a time and store in the fridge or freezer. It has a dishwasher safe plastic housing and cup, stainless steel blade and non-slip base, so it stays in place. It costs Sh9500.

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