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Of Kenyan men who hate on our weaves and hairdo

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They hate weaves. It is almost a general consensus amongst Nairobi men that weaves are distasteful. The intensity of the resentment can be shocking, even though the reasoning behind it is cynical at best.

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Some have gone the extra mile of taking their hatred online, making a fuss on Twitter about weaves. But these are the same people who will be drooling over Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, never mind that the latter has worn all the colours you can imagine on her head.

Talk of hypocrisy! These ill-advised men consistently consider women with the flashiest weaves in their “the most beautiful” list.

This contempt for weaves is unfounded and flimsy excuses, some touching on our hygiene, just don’t wash (no pun intended). Natural hair needs just as much attention and care when considering hygiene, so y’all need to get off your high horses.

If your girlfriend becomes ‘hygienically challenged’ whenever she dons a wig, forcing her to go au naturel will not improve things. She’s probably just a lazy and dirty bum. The weave has nothing to do with it.

How can a man prefer heated and fried locks over the flowing and silky smoothness of Brazilian hair? Think about that!

And why is it that it is only ordinary damsels who bear the brunt of all the anti-weave crusades, while celebrities getting all the adulation and adoration, regardless of ridiculous hairdos they might be sporting.

Truth be told, I have realised that you don’t really give two hoots about what is on a woman’s head as long as she looks good. What you hate is bad weaves. Guess what honey, we all do!

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I would be put off by a woman’s multi-colored poor excuse for a bob cut as much as you would. The fact that she had it done by some amateur down the block whose sole qualification is owning a sewing kit wouldn’t help matters.

But I will not waste time and go off tangent on a misguided rant against weaves just because one woman has poor judgment and terrible taste.

Neither should you.

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