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How to attract a man! See these rules of the game

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Are you single and free to mingle, it’s a good place to be. I am aware there are many singles waiting to connect with you although you have not nailed it yet. I would like to share a few tips to help you find your life partner. How can you mingle and get it right? Here are some tips on the rules of the game!

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1.  Get a life:

Stop thinking how lonely and miserable you are being alone and single. Life is about seasons and this is your season, enjoy every stage of it because when you do find the one, you will no longer have the freedom to travel, have long nights, weekends with girlfriends and enjoy the kick back day unwinding all alone.

2. Know thyself:

Take time to discover yourself, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and begin to empower yourself, be kind, caring, compassionate and sensitive.

Be the best you can be and remember, you are the most important person in the relationship, so invest in personal development, build your self-esteem, self-worth and self-value. It helps to be solid, and not crave for affirmation from someone else. That way you have something to offer in the relationship, yourself.

3. Love thyself:

You are beautiful beyond description, however, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Before anyone finds you attractive, you need to be comfortable with yourself. Everyone has something about themselves that they would love to change.

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What is important is to concentrate on what you like best about yourself and accentuate it. What you cannot change, learn to accept it and live without regret, after all you are not a model, so relax it is OK. Dress appropriately in a manner that complements your body shape, avoid showing too much flesh and be decent in your choice of dress.

4. Get out:

Do not wait for the one to come to your door step, always expectant, it’s highly unlikely that the gorgeous, well groomed, wealthy, good looking and compassionate young man is going to knock on your door, you probably need to extend your networks and meet different people.

You will simply need to step out and as you do, can you be clear who you are looking for. If you do not know, you will not recognize him when you meet him, continuing a search that bears fruit.

No doubt, physical looks are important. However, there is a lot more than that. Have at least five things that matter to you and three of which are non-negotiable.

5. Open your eyes:

Here are some qualities to look for in a healthy relationship, common values, culture, respect for self and others, respect for family values and a desire to have children, financial prudence, and passion in whatever one is doing.

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Marriage is about two individuals walking a journey of life supporting one another to accomplish their goals, passions and purpose. Unless two agree they cannot walk together.

6. Be open to opportunities:

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Have an open mind; creativity innovation and adventure continue and while you mingle, manage your expectations. Be ready for the unknown, too much caution takes away the adventure. While you are on the path, hold on to what is most important, your intellect. Exercise caution, and do not provide too much information, it could work against you.

7. Be patient:

Relationships take time to build. Sometimes, it takes time to know what makes you tick and what you really want and there is nothing wrong with that. Make friendships, the rest will follow.

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