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What if she plays you with your best friend?

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We all learn that life is unfair through various ways. Some lose their parents or a loved ones at an early age. Some become disabled and some are left by their supposed lovers for life who promise ‘forever’ only for their forever to last less than a few weeks or months. And for some men, it is when your lady decides to cheat on you with your best friend.

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It is the worst thing that can happen to you. Your best male pal is someone you treasure and the woman you love to heart is equally an unparalleled treasure. Yet human beings are a treacherous lot. They always let you down, more so when you least expect it.

Of the occupational hazards of romantic relationships is that your girlfriend, or worse, wife, might fall for your taller, funnier, more loaded friend and may even go behind your back and cheat on you. It happens.

It is the leading cause of death in many military and police camps where the only conflict resolutions model is shooting the boss you discover has been sleeping with your wife while he has sent you on patrol, David and Uria style as in the Bible. Out here, it is a common narrative, ask anyone and I bet they will tell you, they know someone who ever cheated on their boyfriend with the best man.

As tragedies go, you never quite recover from this. Whether you are as strong as a wrestler or strong-willed as a tax collector, it is the worst insult. It inflicts painful injury to your heart. The worst form of betrayal. There is a reason so many love triangle tragedies have resulted in the jilted man killing both the wife and the friend.

What most women fail to know is that we love them and we tend to be personal. What a man likes makes it personal. Be it a football team, his favourite car, phone, gadget, friendship, name it, we always keep it personal.

 For women, there is an extra layer of love that we wield that we want to ourselves for good. Yet, both men and women are fallible. Sooner or later if you have an irresponsible woman for a girlfriend or wife and a lustful friend, you are in for trouble.

I mostly blame the woman. Women are technical seductresses. With just a smile and body language, they can entice any man in the world. And that is a game they perfect. Your best friend will visit you and before you know it, she has lured him. And if he is the type with no morals, it is a deal sealed in no time. Even worse some might even cheat on you in your matrimonial bed.

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I just urge men; they should be rightfully insecure around friends who have no qualms stealing a woman from them. You will know them.

If they are laughing with your woman too much, if your woman is always treating him like a king or better when he comes around, or if he finds him funny, even the when the chap is as funny as a mousetrap. Watch them keenly. Often they do something silly that sells them away.

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