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Your girl's baby daddy, Round 2


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By human standards, your girlfriend's baby daddy, is a dog. A horrible person. Gosh! Where do women pick such awful men? The man is as charming as a wet rag. You have met bad people, but the baby daddy is in a whole new reprehensible level of stupidity. Here is the classic case of women finding anything that has money sexy. But sometimes, you have to deal with some problems head-on.

You have been talking with him for only two minutes, and you feel like stuffing a towel in his mouth and pouring the fish soup on his white shirt. It is like he gets paid to be annoying. The contempt he has towards you is so palpable, you can smell it. You don't even know why you are meeting him. Why didn't you let Carol deal with him?

Because she can't. It is either you are marrying Carol, or not. Time is not your side.

"I have to be in the office by two," he tells you know having barely touched his soup.

You look at the watch, it is a quarter to two. He is insufferable. So you have to pitch your proposal to him within 15 minutes and hopefully convince him.

"I'm wedding Carol in three weeks," you say, adding, "and you are the only stumbling block for now."

He continues to eat, like he didn't hear what you said. There is an awkward silence that lasts for more than three minutes, which if you are with an annoying prick is an equivalent of eternity. He is acting like he'd rather be elsewhere pulling out his nails with pliers than listening to you.

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"How, am I a stumbling block?" he asks, without any whiff of irony, just a bit of thinly veiled mischief.

"Well, the child for one. Plus, we don't want any scene on our wedding day," you tell him, making it sound like a war cry.

"But she is my daughter..." he tells you, looking you straight in the eye.

That hurts. He is rubbing it in your face. You are fuming underneath. You have never felt this suicidal. Do you really love Carol that much?

Yes, you do. Over the year, you have come to accept that Carol may not be an angel, but she is a decent girl. She has had her fair share of youthful indiscretions. The fact that she is extremely beautiful with a taste for nice things in life, she may have been predisposed to look for a sponsor. It happens to college girls. You long forgave her. Whether she has forgiven herself for dating such a monumental prick is a different thing altogether.

"Look, this is not your ordinary situation. We're getting married for heaven sake, and it is only sensible if Carol can keep the child..." you go on.

"Now, listen, there is a reason I keep that child. That woman is too irresponsible to raise my daughter. But more importantly, I need my money back. If you people can pay me the money, you can have her..." he says shamelessly.

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"How much is it?" You ask.

"You ask her!" He says curtly as he rises from his seat...

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