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More skeletons in her closet

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Your prospective wife's baby daddy doesn't understand why gossip bloggers are after his case. But for two weeks, he has been exposed relentlessly, and even more painfully, the bloggers are anonymous and he can't sue them. But all the information they have been exposing about him is correct, but too sensational.

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But the man is not a fool. Or at least he can tell that it is his belligerent insistence of remaining with the young girl that is the consistent theme of all the attacks.

 Now, he wants a truce. He wants some sort of understanding. He wants to secure his reputation. He needs some public relations to help ward off the pesky bloggers. In essence he just walked into your trap.

"Imagine he called me and he wants us to talk about Farrah," Carol reports to you on a midday phone call.

"Perfect, hear him out... what he wants," you tell her, happy that a solution to your woes is in the horizon.

What the baby daddy wants is simple; a picture with him and Carol together so that he can tell the media he has no problem with his baby mama. He wants to pay Carol for that. It is a PR gesture. With that, he can discredit all the bloggers.

You are fine with that. As long Carol shares her loot with you. You give her a green light and once the photo is taken, the silly lawyer tweets it, with the caption, "Forget what the gossip sites are telling you, Farrah is happy with both mum and dad," and with that, the local media picks it up and he cleanses himself of any terrible rumors that have been circulating around forever.

He pays the money, right, but he declines on the next demand; to release the girl. That is a NO-NO.

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"Why?" you ask.

"There is a problem. I don't think, if he will ever release her, any time soon..." Carol says, more cynical.

"What is the problem exactly?" you ask more impatiently.

You are not prepared for the bombshell.

Apparently, in her younger days, when they were in love, the lawyer gave Carol lots of money for business. Millions. And all the businesses she invested in sank. She never realized any profits, and all the man's millions went down the drain.

 They had an agreement that she was to pay at least part of the money back. And it will take her years before she can repay. So rather than be taken to the police for breach of the agreement, the silly lawyer decided that he will take the kid and raise her, until such a time the woman has repaid him enough.

Then, he can let her have custody of the child. Man, the things that take place in this town. When you thought you had seen it all, and you hear this kind of crazy news. As in, when did men start taking their children as ransom (or security against loans) to the mother of their children.

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It is an incredulous punishment. Certainly, there is more than meets the eye. And that is why you want to meet the lawyer man to man and sort this out.

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