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He is seeing someone else and still tells me about it

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The guy that I’ve been dating for the past six months is sleeping with someone else. He’s always been honest about it and, to him, she’s just a booty call with no emotional attachment.

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He knows I only believe in being sexually intimate with someone I’m married to or intending to marry.

Because of this, and because I’m withholding sex, I have to deal with him sleeping with this other girl to fulfil his physical needs.

However, I feel my emotional needs are being met through conversation, dating, and spending time together on a regular basis.

His family and friends all know about me and they’re in another part of the country, so he obviously thinks of our relationship as serious.

Am I settling by continuing to date him?


If you’re happy with the situation then who am I or anyone else to say it’s madness? If being emotionally fulfilled is all you want right now, then great.

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Of course, it’s a win-win situation for him at the moment – he’s being satisfied physically and is emotionally attached to you.

As long as he accepts that if your relationship goes to the next level – you get engaged and start planning a wedding – then the booty calls have to end.

At least he’s upfront about it, but you need to be upfront, too, if you become engaged, and make it clear you expect commitment.

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