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Why women fall over their heels for men with nice shoes


If you think she refused to give in to your overtures because you were not funny or handsome enough, you are wrong. Sometimes she just did not like your footwear.

Naturally, together with the many things ladies notice when you walk up to her to talk her into a relationship is your shoes. I will not be lying if a say many girls have fallen for a man because he rocked good kicks.

While ladies can wear black sandals with any outfit and get away with it, men are not so lucky. What men choose to walk around in speak volumes about them and in most cases is the reason why they remain single for long.

The type of shoes a man wears communicates his sense of style and fashion and it helps ladies put them in different categories before they make the decision of saying yes to them.

There are some shoes if a man wears we would rather be caught dead walking around with.

Luminous coloured sandals

There used to be this group of guys in campus who were comfortable wearing yellow, green or red sandals to class, never mind that they had suits on at the same time. They thought was cool because people noticed them wherever they passed, only problem is they were single for as long as they had those sandals on.

Any man who has the guts to walk around in bathing slippers is simply announcing to the whole world that he is too lousy to buy shoes and even if he has a pair, he does not mind  getting dirty.

Besides, it is nothing but shameful if all your boyfriend is known for is his red sandals and common suits. Not many women are able to handle the embarrassment so it is much easier for them to avoid them altogether.

Dirty, dusty shoes

Just because they are brown in colour does not mean we will not notice the amount of mud that has piled up on it. Some men walk around in dull muddy shoes, you will be forgiven to assume they walked in from the Vasco da Gama times.

It will do you no harm to wipe the dust of your shoes before you walk out of the house. If you find that too hard, then at least employ the services of one of the many shoe shiners lined up across town waiting to attend to men of your ilk.

All we get from a man who walks around in dirty shoes early is – he is filthy and careless. This is the type of man who will have you bent over picking after his dirt once you get into a relationship with him.

Even more shameless is the guy whose shoe is dirty and has a sneaky grin  that shows no sign of going away any time soon.

If a guy cannot spend his time and money to repair and polish his shoes, trust me you he will most likely spend nothing on you.

Sharp Shooters

Unless you intend to follow the movement of pastors who don shiny mabati suits and super sharp shooters, then stay away from this shoe because the look has gone way past its time.

If it is a must, then keep the sharpness of your sharp shooter to a minimum because all it does is deflate your bubble of hope, if you intend to get attached soon.

Loafers with socks

Loafers are an awesome look for any daring man who knows how to play with fashion pieces and women love daring.

The rule of thumb with loafers is – do not wear them with socks. Spare yourself the ridicule and follow this rule because you will come across as confused if you don’t. Some ladies will also think you are trying too hard to be fashionable.

Otherwise, if worn well with chinos, khaki pants or shorts, the ladies will fall head over heels for your footsy charms.

Do not forget to apply some Vaseline now that your feet will be bare. We understand mwanaume ni kuparara but dry flaky skin is a major turn off and the ladies will have a good chuckle about it when you turn your back to leave.

Bluchers, brogues and oxfords

These are formal footwear that come in various styles and colors. They can be boots or oxfords. Depending on the choice of style, ladies appreciate them well taken care of because they give the official look a clean finish.

Ladies however will be unforgiving to any man who turns up for a football match dressed in bluchers. You will come across as too serious for life.

For the last point I do not need to say much, shoes define who you are but your socks show bring personality. Keep them clean and if you are a guy who lives on the edge, don’t be afraid to try pairing happy socks with an official outfit.

A good pair of shoes on a guy gives him a clean and neat finish that confirms to the ladies that he has the confidence to walk the talk of treating her just as well as he treats his shoe.

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