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Revealed: How many cheaters actually leave their partner for their lover


Only a third of love rats think about dumping their partners, a study reveals.

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A whopping 88 per cent of lovers hope married men or women will leave their spouses for them.

But just 13 per cent do ditch their wife or husband for their bit on the side.

Most affairs last between six months to two or three years.

Nine per cent go on for 3-4 years and 13 per cent more than five years.

Almost three-quarters of 3,870 members quizzed by affairs website Victoria Milan felt they were caught in a love triangle with a third admitting it was tough ending the relationship.

Site boss Sigurd Vedal said affairs - even long-term ones - served a purpose.

But generally it was not to break up primary relationships.

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He said: "Stress relief, a little adventure, shaking things up - call it what you will.

"Our research shows affairs are generally very therapeutic for marriages and serious relationships because they take the pressure off.

"We see from this survey that there are some unmanaged expectations from lovers, but the true long-term relationships win out in the end."

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