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I'm learning to dance all over again


When the music comes on and you hear a song from a band you enjoyed from the old good days. It’s déjà vu, familiar emotions come to play and that old free you comes out, you are laughing to memories as you sing along, dancing not caring who is watching.

This has just happened to me. Oh boy how good it felt. What happened to kill this me that was so happy and free of care? When did I change? Did I even notice the changing? I certainly didn’t.

Let’s face it, life throws us some choices and all we have to do is grow up, adapt. Growth is what makes life, life but did I have to give up what made me happy and had meaning at one point, to appear all grown up? I understand that parts of me had to go, yet killing the happy, free child in me is where I went wrong. In living there is death and in death we live. Every day, I made choices and in each choice, I had to let go of an option that I really loved but which had no long term benefit. That part of me, which was opposed to this choice, was put down and slowly it died as I embrace my choices.

Truth is to live and enjoy life; we have to accept that death is part of life. That we will die, I will die. In my acceptance life earns a meaning, for now I have something to lose. This realisation is to help me use the time I have well and to enjoy my moments, learn to put myself second, forget myself, sacrifice so another can enjoy, Change for the better and enjoy the simple blessings that come along, then death will have become life.

Death is an uptight slave that is busy chasing and playing catch up with time, as deadlines and appeal for more stuff dictate the life to be lived. I have killed my ego, pride and a selfish heart. I have learned to live? If I have then I failed to keep the happy and free part of me. Somehow in my choices and giving up, that has been part of growing up, I forgot to enjoy life happiness.

So tonight I have danced. And it felt so great. Dance too, I implore you. Forget your position and your responsibilities just for a minute and dance.

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