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Treating women and girls as second class citizens is wrong - Obama

President Barack Obama looks at a mobile payment platform and solar exhibit during the Power Africa Innovation Fair- (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Barack Obama has emphasized the need for Kenyan women to be treated as equal team players in the just concluded speech today at Kasarani indoor arena.

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He also termed women as power house entrepreneurs while opening up the Global Entrepreneurship summit saying that if given the right environment they would thrive.

He further stated that women and young girls should be treated the same way as boys and men. “If you educate girls, they grow up to be mums and they are more likely to produce educated children,” said the US head of state.

He also talked about the inclusivity of women in development and leadership saying that they needed to be given more opportunities for them to contribute effectively to the development of our nation. Obama also went ahead to urge the Kenyan people to shun bad traditions like those of repressing women and girls.

In the much anticipated speech, he also highlighted the need for transparency and a zero tolerance policy on corruption.


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