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 An accent chair enhances the look of a space and pulls the scheme together (purely aesthetic purposes). In some circles, it is referred to as a statement chair. It is normally not part of the main set of furniture but comes in a different style and is upholstered in a different fabric from the rest. In most cases, it is upholstered in a more expensive fabric.
They come in varying designs and colours so that regardless of your fashion sense, you are bound to get one that suits you.

They can be placed in the living room to offer extra seating space for guests but can also find their way to the bedroom.  Here is how to spice up a room with these show-stoppers.

When choosing an accent chair, pay attention to the wood and style. Make sure too, that the accent chair matches the colour scheme of the room.
Interestingly, you don’t have to spend so much money on these chairs; you can even revamp old chairs. Sandpaper then re-stain the chairs and then get a beautiful fabric to reupholster.

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Placement: In a living room, place your accent chair by the side or opposite a sofa. You could also centre an accent table between two chairs. In the bedroom, it can be used as a decoration. Don’t get it for the sake of it. As much as it should be attractive, it should also be functional. You could also place at a place you like sitting at e.g. by the window or Positioning a sofa in front of a fireplace flanked by two chairs facing each other. A cosy armchair can also find space at a bare corner.Place only one accent chair in a small room; but a larger one can accommodate two or three.

Style: Get an accent chair whose style is different from the rest of your furniture. A rocking chair or chaise would makes for an ideal accent chair. It should not be too big because it is a place for one person to sit. It should be big and comfortable enough to use. A sculptural chair too, could add oomph to a space just like a work of art does. For a modern style, get chairs with simple straight lines, sharp corners and shiny accents.

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Those with curved lines, rounded corners and wood trim represent traditional décor. Then there is wing-back chairs that have high backs, arm rests and winged sides, presenting a formal look. For trendy comfort, you could consider a recliner.

Upholstery: When choosing upholstery, let it highlight the colours in your interior scheme. Accent chairs offer you an opportunity to use bolder fabric than you would use on a sofa set. Loud florals or striped fabrics are ideal. The chair should stand out while not feeling out of place. You can go for fabric chairs or leather.


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