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How to hide your grey hairs

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Once upon a time, grey hair showed that a woman was dignified and wise. Nowadays, many women are terrified of slipping into the silver zone.

One’s hair turning grey at some point is natural. Some women, however, go through premature greying and some feel embarrassed by their new look. You see, when one has grey hair, it is assumed they are old; the more reason why even those who are genuinely old prefer dyeing their grey black.

Grey hair is as a result of lack of melanin in the pigment of our hair and there is no way to naturally increase melanin pigment. The best thing you can do is to hide the grey using some cosmetic tricks. So you have seen a few greys peeping in your strands, don’t panic, we have got it covered. Here is how:

Hair mascara: Hair mascara or even regular eye mascaras are some of the best ways to hide grey hair. Mascara instantly camouflages grey hair. What’s more, they are less damaging to the hair than permanent hair dyes. The only downside is that they are temporary and you have to keep reapplying; at least every day or after every wash.

Highlights: Another perfect way to hide grey hair is blonde highlights. Have your hair stylist lighten some grey and non-grey strands. The grey colour will then blend in beautifully with the new highlights and it will be difficult to tell the difference between the few grey hairs and the blonde highlights. The advantage of this is that apart from hiding the grey, you will also have changed your look since highlights tend to brighten up one’s complexion and also add a youthful touch to your appearance.

Black tea rinse: Few people know about the black tea rinse; it is another way of hiding grey. Boil two teaspoons of tea leaves (sturungi). Do not add sugar; allow it to cool to room temperature then apply to your hair. Let it stay on ten minutes; then rinse it off using cold water and shampoo.

Keep your hair shorter: Short hair have an advantage if you are trying to cover grey. One, you will often be cutting off the dead ends thus the grey will not be peeking through in case the shade of your hair dye begins to fade. With short hair, you will also be permanently reminded that you need to have your hair done more frequently, thus you won’t have to worry about forgetting to retouch your roots.

Begin colouring: Like we said before, you can always dye the hair black to hide the greys. For women who want to hide grey hairs, it is recommended that they go for a hair colour that is two to three shades lighter than their natural hair colour.

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