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Glam wedding: Her bank account did the magic!


glam wedding

Bride: Evelyne Munini Mbithi

Groom: James Mumo Wambua

Guests: 400

Date: February 7, 2015

Ceremony/Reception: International

Fellowship for Christ, Buruburu

Photo shoot: Arboretum

Budget: Sh450,000



Evelyne: Back in 2012, when I was a Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) student in the Machakos campus, the bank for which James worked had come for a week long sales activation in our school.

James: I met her on the first day of the activation and opened an account for her. We talked every day from that day until the end of that week. After the activation was done with, we lost contact and was soon after moved to the bank's Mtito Andei branch.

Evelyne: Once I was done with school, I landed a job in Mtito Andei. I had just stayed a week there when I went to the bank to open an account.  I remember seeing him in a checkered windbreaker but did not say a word.

James: Feeling guilty for having not communicated, I did not know what to say to her. It was a lost opportunity. She, however, came back two weeks later accompanied by her dad who also works in Mtito Andei to collect her ATM card. I waited for an opportunity when she was away from her dad and asked for her number. We kept in touch from then on.

glam wedding

Though we never had an official dater per say, our form of communication was interesting. She worked mostly on night shift, so I would go see her at her place of work at around 8pm and every time she had no patients, we would chat. It was a blessing in disguise since there were no proper places to have a date and she did not have to explain her whereabouts to her dad.


Evelyne: July 6, 2014 was just another ordinary Sunday morning. I left work and took a detour to my boyfriend's house before I could head home. Exhausted from working the night shift, I lay on his couch as I narrated to him the incidents that took place on my shift the previous night. As I recounted the events of that night he approached the couch and knelt beside me. 'Nothing unusual about that,' I thought to myself. That was until he fished the ring and asked me to marry him. It was just the previous day he had met my dad and here he was proposing, barely 24 hours later. And the way the ring fit.

James: I had on many occasions tried fitting her rings on my finger. That is how I got the perfect fit. I saw no need in waiting too long to propose. I did not want to drag things along due to the busy schedules that we all had.


James: As is the Kamba custom, dowry negotiations are to be between the married relatives from both sides. We, however, realised that after this negotiations were done, we would be legally married under customary law, which was not our intention. We, therefore, decided that the negotiations would be between the fathers only.

To avoid the unnecessary drama that comes with tailoring clothes, I informed the groomsmen of the colour scheme and asked them to find a suit in that colour. While the suits were bought from different shops, the colour was uniform as we settled for one designer.

Evelyne: Three weeks to the wedding, I had not bought my wedding dress. So on one of my visits to the tailor in charge of the bridesmaids dresses, I asked him to direct me to a bridal shop, since she would be familiar with such. He took me to Accra Road. Before I could make my decision, he told me to have a look at gowns in Jamia Mall, which I did but did not get anything that caught my eye. I went back to the stalls in Accra Road and searched till I got a gown.


Evelyne: Prayer should always come first in everything you do. No marriage can survive without it.

James: If you want to get married now, just do it. There will never be the right amount of money to do a wedding. While at it, be true to yourself; do a wedding that you can afford.

It is important to find professionals to do your photography and video. It is all you will be left with as memories of your wedding day after it is over and done. To help choose a professional, always look at the work they have done before.

 WORDS: Rose Kwamboka

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