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Style: The cornered living room space

l-shaped sofa
L-shaped sofas are for corners


Corners in many living rooms are empty. What a big waste of space! Others have been turned into storage for old newspapers, toys or shoes. Integrate these small, unused spaces into beautiful and functional spots. There are ways you can cleverly occupy the corner. So, get rid of the awkward and ensure your corner is serving you as best as possible. Here are some ideas.

L-shaped sofa: These sofas were actually made for corners. Isn’t the corner space the most comfortable place for lounging in the home? Cozy the sofa right at the corner especially if your room is small.

Fireplace: If you are constructing a home, how about having the fireplace at a corner? This way, it will also not compete with the focal point in your room like the TV, and will also make your room look cozy. For those already in homes without a fireplace, a free-standing one, which is easy to install, will instantly grab attention.

Corner sanctuary: Create a comfortable reading nook, complete with storage. All you need is a comfortable chair, a side table and a reading lamp. You could also just do with a pouffe, and a reading lamp. What a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine and a novel.

subtle TV position
Watch your TV from all angles

Subtle TV position: For those who do not want the TV to dominate the living room, place it at a corner. In this case, the fireplace, if you have one, becomes the focal point. You will be able to watch your TV from all angles.

Sculpture: Get some grand sculptures to enliven your corner.

Indoor plants: A tall plant will add a wild shape and large sprigs of green to your corner space, offsetting the hard angles of the corner.

Conversation corner: Get a pedestal table, flank it with two chairs and you have a great space for intimate conversations.

Mirror and console: Place a console at the corner then hang a mirror above it. This offers an elegant look with the mirror adding depth and reflecting light.

Corner cabinet/ bookshelf: Get a fundi to fix a cabinet in the corner. It is great for storage and display of knick-knacks. A corner bookshelf, turns it into a library and, cozies up your room ensuring maximum use of space.

Shelves: These just require a quick fix by your fundi. They make for a nice display area and are practical.

Corner bench: This too, requires a quick fix. Ensure it is the right shape then place some cushions on it and you have extra sitting space in your living room.

Over-sized lamp: Get a grand oversize lamp to occupy the corner. The bigger it is, the more it will stand out.



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