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How to make your space look expensive on a budget

Interior décor
 How to make your home look expensive on a budget (Photo: iStock)

Whether large or small, all homeowners yearn to make their living space worth living in and, most importantly, to make it look expensive without breaking the bank.

There are several ways to make your space look expensive. These include:

Use of mirrors

As minimalist as it is, mirrors do a lot to make your living space feel bigger, brighter and more expensive. Having a mirror and placing it in the most appropriate part of the house, whether hanging on a wall or standing on its own, can work wonders.

The mirror can be bought and used as is or customised to suit personal tastes, this can be achieved by adding stickers, flowers or repainting it to show off what you like.

Mirrors add a sophisticated aesthetic that can be associated with luxury and extravagance, it also adds much-needed light and complexity of surfaces to a room.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Going for deep, rich colours

Choosing the right shade can make all the difference to the look and feel of your room. Choosing a colour that is not too bright and loud can make your living space feel sumptuous, such as blue, green, ochre, grey, not forgetting white and black, the neutral colours.

These colours can be incorporated by using them on accent walls, sofas or statement pieces around the house. Not only do they make the place cosy, but they also add richness to the space.

Use of plants

Whether natural or artificial, plants can make a place look expensive with little effort, as they only need occasional watering or cleaning. They can be placed in corners or in favourite spots such as windowsills or tabletops, spreading their beauty throughout the house.

They include olive trees, spider plants, peace lilies, ferns and English ivy. They can add much-needed greenery to your home by bringing life to your space.

DIY projects

Planning and taking time to do projects of your choice, and then displaying them can make your place look beautiful and lavish. The projects can include art pieces, building small wooden pieces for storage or creating artistic pieces and decorating with spray paints which are readily available.

This can be time-consuming but definitely worthwhile as you will get entertained as you create a masterpiece.

Coordinating furniture pieces

When buying furniture one should consider getting furniture that coordinates not only in colour but also in design, this makes the whole place feel one. When furniture pieces do not match they will give a look that that is not pleasing.

Coordinating pieces create a sophisticated and mature look that can be associated with being expensive, this can be achieved by getting matching sofas with their table.

Add in metal

A variety of textures can bring about luxe in any given space.

The addition of metallic pieces be it a vase, stand or clock or pieces with metal finishes bring light to your room by not only adding the pop of colour but also the needed variety and beauty it deserves.


Thrifting includes a lot be it for clothes, shoes or statement pieces that just stand out and cannot be easily sourced. Looking for pieces that stand out and give more life to a room can never go unnoticed as they give a place more luxe vibe.

This could be time-consuming, but what you will get from the thrift stores or markets available will make you and everyone around you pleased.

Do not be afraid to mix modern pieces with antique ones as they can make a well-coordinated sense of style.

Proper lighting

Getting the lighting right in any home is essential as it makes the whole place feel big and airy. Investing in a good light fixture can up your decorating game, making the place look expensive and lavish at the same time.

It does not always have to be new, you can up-cycle an old lamp or chandelier and create a masterpiece worth displaying.

When considering how to improve your space, never forget to declutter your rooms as this will make the whole place look and feel better. Cutting down on clutter be it on shelves, tables or just around in terms of furniture can make a place look more lavish than before.

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