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New Year resolutions to help you find new love

newlovenewyearBy Anne Mungai (@annemungai_)

Each New Year presents an opportunity to most of starting life on a clean slate and leave the past behind.

Finding new love is something that most may want to achieve this coming year.

Here are some steps to help in achieving this life changing resolution.

Be positive: To attract great people, it pays much to be such a person. Be kind this coming year. Accepting people for who they are while avoid judging on face value goes a long way in the game of attraction. Avoid letting the past hurt and betrayal influence your impression of others.

Detach from negative friends and lovers: Negative friends will derail the progress in becoming a better person. Toxic lovers can lower a person’s self-worth. Make new friends that are mature, kind and self-confident.

Self Esteem: This is an important component in everybody’s life. High self-esteem helps someone recognize their worth and in so doing, avoid settling for less. When the self-esteem is down, negative people and abusers will take advantage. Work on loving and appreciating yourself this coming year, to get the best out of this life.

Date outside your comfort zone: It can pay to date people that one does not normally consider as the perfect candidate. Choose to focus on character and personality as opposed to looks and material wealth. Choose emotionally available partners that want to be in a relationship.

Get a makeover and be fit: Getting a new hairstyle, frequent manicures or a few new clothes help in feeling good. Start getting fit and choose to eat healthy. All these activities can make someone feel good about themselves, thus growing their self-esteem.

It is advisable to stop romantic attachments with men/women who are not available and this includes people already in relationships.

Hopefully these steps will be helpful in increasing the chances of getting a new love and being happy in the New Year.

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