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Say goodbye to cracked feet using these six tips

crackedfeetBy Anne Mungai (@annemungai_)

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Many times, our feet crack due to cold weather, improper foot care, ill-fitting shoes or even standing for too long.

There are remedies however to help eliminate the problem of cracked feet which many of us have experienced. If not taken care of, severe cracking can cause bleeding and discomfort.

Moisturize: Cracked feet are caused by dry skin. The skin around your heels can become too dry to support the pressure your heels get leading to cracks. Invest in creamy, heavy moisturizer if you have a serious case of cracked feet. Petroleum jelly and castor oil are very good moisturizers for this purpose. Before bedtime, apply a generous amount and wear socks for soft feet the following day.

Dry: Make sure you dry your feet properly every time you get them wet and moisturize thereafter. Bacteria and fungus prefer warm, moist places and you do not want them on your feet.

Water: Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated as well as your skin .This tip will keep your skin from drying up as a result. Remember to minimize exposing your feet to water.

Soap: Check that you are not using soaps that are harsh and causing dry skin. Use mild soaps that serve the same purpose.

Exfoliate: You can take care of your feet by scrubbing using pumice stone but be careful  not to over-scrub

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Fit: Make sure your shoes are the proper fit to avoid your heels from moving all the time. Toes get more room to wiggle but feet should not.

If this problem continues, visiting a doctor for help is the best solution.



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