Evewoman : We want a civil wedding, what's the procedure?

We want a civil wedding, what's the procedure?

 Dear Harold,

We are planning a simple civil wedding in Nairobi. We are not sure of the required procedure and would appreciate to know what the first step/procedure is before we exchange vows. We don’t intend to have a flashy wedding as we prefer to invest the money we would have spent. We will be happy with a marriage certificate as legal proof that we underwent the ceremony.

Susan, Nairobi

Dear Susan,

The first step/procedure is to go to the Registrar of Marriages at Sheria House and issue a written 21-day notice of your intention to get married. Assuming you are both biologically male and female, the notice will include your names, ages and places where you stay. It will also include names of your parents (if known and alive) and where they ordinarily reside and a declaration that both of you are not blood relatives. If either of you is a divorcee, a copy of the court order will be required or a death certificate if neither of you is a widow or widower. The notice which must be signed by both of you should include the date and venue of the marriage ceremony. The Registrar of Marriages will then publish the notice at the place where the marriage is to be celebrated for any person who objects the ceremony to inform the Registrar in writing in line with the Marriage Act. The cost of civil marriages is usually given at the Registrar of Marriages as there are couples that require special notices and marry in less than 21 days. The person in charge of where the marriage should be celebrated may postpone the wedding until when the grounds of objection are determined.



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