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Factors to consider when choosing a dressing table

A woman's room is never complete without a dressing table - the obsession to look good makes them inevitable. Apart from adding aesthetics to your room, it also ensures that you look good as you step out of your home.

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Before you buy a dressing table, you should make certain considerations. Ensure the décor and colours in your room compliment the dressing table you choose and that the dresser fits into your budget.

Size: The width of the mirror should match the width of the dresser; this adds to the aesthetic value of the room. The height of the dressing table should fit right below your mirror. Anything different will spoil the look of the room. The size of your room will also dictate the dresser’s size.

Storage space: Those who have boxes full of accessories, perfumes and watches definitely need a dressing table with enough storage. Get a dresser that has enough drawers that are large enough to keep your accessories, trinkets, and valuable items.

Lock system: Some jewellery is quite valuable and should be kept safely. A dresser with lock facility would be ideal for such. Items, such as gold and silver jewellery, passports can be stored here.

Budget: For those whose budgets are tight, second hand shops are ideal to find affordable dressing tables. You can also have a fundi custom make one to your taste. Furniture shops have dressers of ranging prices and you can always find one that fits within your budget.

Style: Pick a dresser that represents elegance, functionality and modernity. Dressing tables also need to have a small chair or stool to sit on. You can also go for a classic piece, most of which tend to have a pedestal shape, with one or double drawers on either side or a space in between to sit. They provide plenty of storage but can be bulky and are best suited to larger bedrooms. Contemporary dressers are the best solution for small bedrooms. If you want to go contemporary, keep it simple, but if you want to represent femininity, go for pastel shades and curvy shapes. If unsure of the colour, go for one with neutral colour or wood so that it does not look out of place if you change your décor.

Functionality: Mirrors make or break a dressing table. If you have limited space, full-length mirrors or triple mirrors are impractical. Flip-top mirrors are trendier and practical. A good quality dresser has drawers that are securely joined and glide smoothly when you open them open. Get a compact stool that you can easily tuck under the table when you are not using it.

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Knick-knacks: Other than your jewellery boxes, perfume bottles and make-up sets, you can place visually stunning antiques, artefacts, pot-pourris and scented candles on your dresser. Lamps and candle holders, will also make your dresser look stunning and add a distinctive Victorian touch to the dresser and the bedroom.

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