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Eight ways to maintain good vaginal hygiene

Miss V is prone to infections at the slightest provocation (Photo: Shutterstock)

Miss V  is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. She's prone to infections at the slightest provocation which shows that you have to be careful at all times.

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And still, many women make  mistakes that affect the health of their lady parts. For this reason and more, there is still a need for more education and sensitization on how to take care of yourself down there. 

Follow the tips below and you will learn how to keep your vagina healthy and clean. 

Adopt a healthy diet

A good diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and plenty of water is mandatory for general health. But more specifically, a good diet is important for your lady parts. The diet that works best is one comprising yoghurt and a lot of water. Yoghurt is rich in probiotics and that will do wonders for you. Water on the other hand is important because it helps your vagina clean itself out. And no matter how addicted you are to your sweet treats, too much sugar should be avoided because it increases the risk of infection.

Stay away from harsh chemicals

I’m talking about all those vaginal perfumes, scented shower gels and soaps or even menstrual hygiene products that are scented. Such products affect your pH balance and this is a recipe for infections. When cleaning all you need 4is plain old water.

No douching

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Douching is attempting to clean your vagina on the inside by spraying it with water. Although it seems like a good idea for hygiene, it causes more problems. Douching increases your susceptibility to vaginal infections. And if at all you’re trying to recover from one, douching will push the bacteria further. Use water to clean the outer parts of your vagina and the rest will be taken care of by your body.

Wear the right underwear

The small details like the panties you wear really make a difference. The only type you should buy are the cotton panties because they are breathable and they help prevent irritation. Other types like nylon and spandex trap a lot of moisture in and this is never good for you in the long run.

Many women make  mistakes that affect the health of their lady parts (Photo: Shutterstock)

Keep your underwear clean and dry

Another crucial step is to take care of your underwear. After each wear, you’re supposed to wash them with mild soaps and rinse well to get all the soap out. Afterwards, you’ll need to dry them outdoors under direct sunlight to ensure that they are completely dry. This is an important step in keeping your lady parts happy.

Ditch the undies when going to bed

Miss V needs to breathe too so it’s better to skip underwear when you go to bed. Constantly having them on during the day and at night could build up moisture and the only result is an infection. So this crucial step really saves you from the agony of taking medication due to infections which could have easily been avoided.

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Observe good pre and post-sex hygiene

Before sex, it’s easy to ignore all the necessary steps. But for the sake of your health, ensure that you and your partner wash your hands and keep your toys clean if you’re using any. Also, use condoms to prevent other severe risks like STDs. After sex, take care of yourself by peeing, rinsing with water only and avoiding tight clothing because you need to let Miss V breathe. These habits will prevent buildup of bacteria and the risk of, once again, infections.

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Check in with your gyna regularly

Regular checkups are necessary for every lady. They can do a more detailed assessment and bring to light any concerns that you might not have noticed yet. It’s also important for your longterm health as far as cancer risks are concerned. Get in touch with a doctor you’re comfortable with and go for regular checkups throughout the year?

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