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Lynne Wachira, sports writer, analyst and anchor KTN: 'I eat and drink sports'

You are currently in the panel for Sports Personality of the Year award. Tell us about that.

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My role is to have a keen look at individuals who are making an impact in sports. Anytime there is a sports match, I do my best to attend and see who is taking part and how they perform. You always have to have your eyes out there.

How did your passion for sports come about?

Sports is not a passion, I have an affair with sports. If probably, I was not a sports journalist, I would get involved in sports somehow. I remember when I went for my first interview for internship, I passed but my job was to cover current affairs. I told the panelists I wanted sports. They told me to leave the room for some time and when they called me back, I had the job.

Is there anyone in the family who shares the same passion as you?

Interestingly none. They watch sports but no one has that interest of following it with so much keenness.

Tell us about your experiences as a sports girl in high school.

I participated in cross-country, ball games and badminton. Unfortunately I did not become a master of any.

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What do you predict of this year’s World Cup?

World Cup is a bit tricky. It is open to so many possibilities that it is hard to know what team to support. Though I think Belgium is the team that would stand out this season. It has many great players who only need time to play together.

Apart from sports, what floats your boat?

I don’t know how people define happiness but for me, being happy is simple. Happiness is a choice. One can choose that despite circumstances, he or she can be happy and that is very much possible to attain. I believe happiness is an accumulation of so many things. One cannot depend on one thing to be happy.

What irritates you the most?

Unkind people. I also don’t understand why people hold grudges for so long.

What do you fear most?

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The thought that one day, either I, or somebody I cherish will pass on. Like everybody else, I also fear failure.

What do you feel about love and relationships for people in the limelight?

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I believe in love. Ideally, people should put God first at the onset of their relationships, not wait till the middle of their marriage when things go astray and that is when they start involving God.  Love is also not changing how your partner is.

Are you seeing anyone special?

(Laughs) No. I love being at the point I am now because I am in waiting. I am looking forward to dating of course but then again, it is in God’s time. I don’t feel the pressure because when it happens, it happens. We don’t have to rush for love.

What moment would you consider your greatest achievement s in life?

One, being a woman in sports. Women are making their way into sports but it is still a male-dominated field for now. Two, telling sports stories and people listen, for me that is quite something. I have also met a number of sports personalities like Usain Bolt and Caster Semenya. I also won Best Athletics Journalist in 2010 and Dedication and Consistency in Covering Track Fields award in 2012.

And your lowest point in life?

When I lost a dear friend while she was giving birth in 2012. She had called me at night and we talked. When I called her the next day, her brother picked up the phone and informed me of her demise and the baby’s. It shocked me as I had expected good news of the baby’s birth only to receive the bad news. I had known her since my high school days. I have never gotten over that, I always believe that she is not dead.

What beauty secret do you love by?

(Laughs) I have never owned a make-up kit in my life.  The only make-up that I know how to apply is the eye pencil which I run through my brows and the lipstick. I love a red lipstick because it changes the whole look without doing much. I have bad sleeping habits; sleeping very late and waking up very early. I am planning to buy a sunscreen lotion because I spend most of my days in the sun covering sports events.

What don’t people know about you?

That I have never drank alcohol all my life. I also don’t like going out unless it is for an event that in must attend. I prefer the outdoors, not clubs. I also have a very close relationship with God. We talk to each other every day.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I would love to be in sports management and have a sports show. I would not want to work in the newsroom for a full day. I would want to incorporate media and management.



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