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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Eve sisters met at the Hilton on the 7th of June 2014 for the Climbing the Corporate Ladder event. They were able to gain insights about success and leadership.

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The speakers of the day were:

Catherine Kasavuli (Founder- Executive Chairlady of Kasavuli Media Group Ltd)

Dorothy Ooko (Head of communications East and Francophone Africa, Google Kenya)

Norah Odwesso (Public Affairs & Communication Director, Coca cola Central East & West Africa)

Susan Mwaura (Founder of top tier woman)   

Catherine Kasavuli enlightening the evesisters about  women in power
Dorothy Ooko talking about women empowering each other
Susan Mwaura sharing some tips on success
Eve sisters keenly listening to the speakers
Eve sisters jotting down some notes for future reference
Eve sister shares her views with her sisters
Main speakers listening to their fellow speaker
Eve sisters share a light laugh
Dorothy Ooko together with eve sisters
Eve sisters preparing to dance
Eve sisters dancing to the beat


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