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Holiday woes

If recent media reports are anything to go by, parents are not the happiest lot currently. And it all has to do with the generous amount of holiday time thrust upon them by the local educational system.

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To the parents, this comes with a number of problems. Key among these is the huge dent that will become of parents’ pockets.

You see, wrapped up in a youngster’s body is a lot of energy. This energy is not solar or wind driven. It requires that they burn calories derived from food.

This means that unless their parents are operating a mall or its equivalent, then they will have to be prepared to cough some substantial cash to sustain the young chaps in this period of trouble.

 In the days gone by, city parents would dump their brood to their grannies and aunties in the rural areas in the hope of helping them share the burden.

It was presumed that food was in plenty – and it was. However, reports indicate that the heavens may not open up as they have done in previous years. Yes, there is no food in the rural areas as well. But even if there was, the current political dispensation has complicated matters for rural folk.

The new Sherriffs in town otherwise known as governors have decided that anyone who shows the slightest hint of financial endowment is subject to taxation. The number of cows, goats, cats and anything else that moves will be subjected to taxation forcing villagers to sell any “extra” animals.

Milk then will be in short supply.  The last things they need are extra mouths to feed in the depressed economy. Simply put, city parents will have to put up with their little brutes and hope that the holiday season will be over soon. Sadly, it has just begun.

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